Cost Reduction

Above all else, Streamline views wireline services as an especially ripe market for cost reduction and frankly, so do the wireline providers. Why else would each be scrambling to develop, in one fashion or another, a wireless solution for their customer base? The reason isn’t because they see wireless as a segment for growth or else their stock prices would be rising. No, they see wireless as replacing wireline and therefore they must have a wireless offering or risk remaining in just the landline services which is fast becoming a ‘race to the bottom’.

Streamline utilizes our decades of wireline experience along with our expertise in the wireless world to develop a unified telecom solution for our clients and more often than not, this provides dramatic savings in wireline expenditures. Streamline then helps our clients position those savings to empower their infrastructure through equipment and process upgrades.

FACT: Streamline customers, post recommendation implementation, save over 20% month over month from what their costs were prior to hiring us… and this is over and above the cost of full network and system upgrades.