Streamline’s Management offering is what really sets our company apart. We understand that a wireless account can get out of control very quickly and getting it fixed can be an extremely frustrating experience.

If you are facing any of these dilemmas, you may want to talk to us about managing your account:

Multiple carriers with multiple bills
Employees buying phones from unauthorized sources
Inconsistency in pricing, discounts, plans, features
Inconsistency in equipment
Employees blowing out plans/not using phones
No clear direction or strategy for wireless
You have never thought about how wireless could generate revenue for your company
The feeling you are paying too much!

Streamline can become involved in managing an existing account (carrier stays the same) or managing a new account (switch carriers and then ongoing management). When the carrier stays the same, we will start the engagement by cleaning up your account. The monetary savings from an account clean-up typically far exceed savings from getting better pricing. For example, we looked at a client that had 56 lines and quickly realized that 27 lines were unused. While this seems extreme, it’s surprisingly common. We then provide on-going management to make sure the account stays in control.

For an account that is switching carriers, the initial account set-up and first bill review are critical. As phones are added/terminated/modified, we will be there to make sure that you have a single point of contact that will ensure transactions are processed correctly. We will wait on hold with the carriers so you don’t have to! The Benefits of account management are numerous.

Cost savings
Time savings
Single point-of-contact
Coherent wireless strategy
Equity amongst employees in terms of equipment and plans
Accurate asset management
Easy ordering and deactivation process

Here’s the best part, basic account management such as account adds/deletions/bill reviews are provided to our clients at NO EXTRA COST. We get paid by the carriers, we are not going to double dip!

Advanced Management Services

Streamline has partnered with two of the leading Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers in the nation to provide an extremely powerful software package to manage large Enterprise level accounts. Typically, an account has to be over 300 lines for this service to be economically feasible.

TEM software takes a deep dive into the invoice detail to uncover cost savings through plan modifications, abuse detection, calling pattern analysis etc. The ROI from such detailed analysis is stunningly high. Please contact Streamline to learn more about this product.