Air Cards

An Air Card is a device you slide into the side of your laptop to get Internet service. The Air Card will work wherever a cell phone signal is present. Air Cards are not to be confused with Wi-Fi which is a short range signal found in Starbucks, Panera Bread, and many of our homes. Air Cards offer a much greater coverage area and you are not “tethered” to your favorite coffee shop. The use of Air Cards has grown exponentially as the speed of the networks has gotten much faster, therefore allowing a better user experience and functionality.

Air Cards can be an excellent productivity tool. Our clients have found Air Cards useful for the following tasks

Transmission of electronic forms from the field. Saves on administrative time at the end
of each day so that the employee can make more appointments that day.
Remote connection for desktops where extending a landline would be cost prohibitive.
Back-up to their wireline T-1 or DSL.
As a transmission medium for security cameras

These examples highlight the flexibility of the Air Card. Whether you are simply wanting access for your laptop away from your desk, replacing landlines inexpensively, or providing back-up, the cards can effectively accomplish these tasks now that network speeds have greatly improved. Some of these solutions get quite complex, so you will need the resources of Streamline to help turn your ideas into reality.