Data Applications and E-mail

This is where Cell phones start to be fun! The most common data application is e-mail. Blackberry is the name most synonymous with e-mail but Palm Treo, Motorola, Nokia, and others make fine e-mail capable phones.

The Benefits of e-mail on your phone are obvious and sometimes not so obvious.
Each user perceives different benefits but the most common are:

Ability to quickly address issues from Corporate and Customers
Ability to be away from the office and respond in a timely manner
Respond quickly with a few words instead of a phone call that might take much longer/evolve
into things you don’t want to talk about
Communicate with many people at the same time

Buying a PDA and e-mail plan is like any other investment in your business. Do you think your business could grow by responding more quickly to your customers, disseminating information efficiently and effectively, and appearing to be “always on”?

Streamline has consulted with many customers to identify which e-mail platforms are appropriate, which devices meet their needs, and the method of e-mail delivery. We work in tandem with the carriers to set up complex Enterprise level servers or work with you to project manage the setup of simple POP3 accounts.

Data Applications

Data Applications are software programs that can be loaded on to PDAs. These are usually productivity enhancement tools that come in handy while not in the office. Examples of Data Applications are: for updating your customer database
Corrigo for construction site management
@ Road and Xora GPS location based services for the transportation/delivery industry
PatientKeeper for medical professionals
Custom in-house forms for taking orders

There are thousands of Data Applications available for all PDA operating systems. Most business applications focus on making the mobile professional more productive. Have you ever wished you could have taken the order while at the customers office, updated the customer database while killing time between appointments, rerouted a truck around a traffic jam to save time, the possibilities are endless. Data Applications can take a cost (cell phones) and turn the cost into a revenue generator. Streamline will consult with you to see if your organization can benefit from leveraging your investment in cellular phones through Data Applications.