Asset Management and Contract Baselining

Sometimes you simply want to know, “what do I have out there?” Streamline can help inventory your multitude of telecom bits and pieces. From PBXs to handsets, we will count it, document it, and provide you a detailed report.

Often, when you get our report, you will realize that you are paying maintenance on equipment that you no longer own or it’s not being used. Excess equipment can then be redeployed or used as back-up.

Contract Baselining is particularly useful in determining when your contracts are going to expire. This is useful information if you are contemplating moving services due to greater need for features, unhappiness with service quality, or simply looking to save money.

Streamline typically charges for these services but if you buy Carrier Services such as local, long distance, or internet from us, we will waive part or all of the charges for Asset Management or Contract Baselining.