Wireline Services encompass the entire telecommuications segment that is fast becoming known as “Legacy Landline Services”…data and voice communications that have traditionally been transported over one form or another of physical wires or strands. The providers of these services are the ones you’ve known most of your life; the ones that you have been paying monthly for services such as local phone lines, long distance, and data/Internet. Streamline views this segment of the telecommunications industry empowering and full of opportunity, and at the same time, commoditized and declining in necessity. Of these viewpoints, Opportunity is where Streamline focuses it’s attention.

Inevitably, wireless will replace virtually all client-terminated wireline services. Thus, there is tremendous opportunity for business client’s to take early advantage of this eventuality by financing their entry into wireless through reductions in higher priced wireline costs. By providing a thorough analysis of our client’s wireline environment, Streamline can deliver a solution that will gradually or immediately lead to total telecom optimization at the minimum cost; with minimal intrusion.

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